Yoobao YB626 5200mAh Power Bank

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Yoobao YB626 5200mAh Power Bank

1. Product name: 5,200mAh Power Bank YB626
2. Suitable for mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, cameras, HTC, SAMSUNG, Blackberry, Nokia, PSP/NDSL, and MP3/MP4 players(Can charger iPhone4 3 times, under normal condition)
3. Capacity: 5,200mAh
4. Device type: external battery pack
5. Input: 5V DC, 600mA
6. Output: 5.3V DC, 1,000mA
7. Packing: gift box

Set contains:
1 x YB626 Power bank (5,200mAh)
1 x One connectors: Apple
1 x Micro USB cable

1. Portable, rechargeable, and universal power pack.
2. Keep talking and keep playing longer.
3. Five LED indicators show the current capacity.
4. LED Torch last 260H.
5. Elegant and executive designed make it looks fashionable and smart.
6. Package with two switched connectors, you can power and recharge your mobile or PDA, iPod/iPhone/iPad, PSP, MP3/MP4 players, digital camera and other mobile devices anywhere
7. Flexible recharging of power pack via notebook USB port or wall adapter with USB charging cable.
8. Automatic recover function for your battery capacity of mobile phone or other device.
9. Meet all related safety standard,have CE, Rose and FC certificates.

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