iPad 2 Mini Surround Speaker

Brand: iPad

Product Code: IPAD 2

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iPad 2 Mini Surround Speaker

Features :

  • Portable, tiny, no extra battery operated with surround sound, compatible with flat tablets. suitable for home, office and travel, also you can send to your friends as a gift.
  • Holding the speaker let the loudspeakers rear chuch pressing the computer display border, forcibly press extrusion air.
  • Speakers will be tight adsorbed on the border in the air by extrusion, then the USB plug switch on a power or insert computer USB socket.
  • Let frequency plug insert speaker frequency socket, then through Power On speaker computer playing sounds.
  • Note: Adsorption object must be smoother surface, if the displayer screen borders narrow, also can adsorption on the back of the notebook computer screen or desktop, also can listening to the wonderful music.

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