Macbook Mini Display Port To VGA HDTV Adapter

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Macbook Mini Display Port To VGA HDTV Adapter

1. Lets you connect a High Definition Monitor, Projector, LCD, or HDTV that uses a VGA connector or cable.
2. Support conversion from DisplayPort signal to VGA signal.
3. Thunderbolt/ Mini DisplayPort 1.1a compliant receiver offering 5.4 Gbps bandwidth over 2 lanes.
4. Tegrated triple 12-bit, up to 240MHz video DAC for analog VGA signal output.
5. Resolution up to 1920 x 120060Hz reduced blanking video resolution.
6. Ultra fast video image recovery.
7. Automatic monitor plug and unplug detect for VGA output.
8. Down Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) support.
9. Powered from Mini DisplayPort source.
10. 3V IO, 1.2V Core.
11. Compatible Models:

MacBook Pro: MD313 MD314 MD318 MD322 MD311 MC700 MC721 MC723 MC724 MC725 MB466 MB467 MB470 MB471 MC026 MB604 MB990 MB991 MC118 MB985 MB986 MC374 MC375 MC371 MC372 MC373 MC024 MC233 MC234 MC226 MC207
Mac Mini: MC815 MC816 MC936 MB463 MB464 MC238 MC239 MC270 MC438
MacBook Air: MC505 MC506 MC503 MC504 MC968 MC969 MC965 MC966
iMac: MC309 MC812 MC813 MC814 MC408 MB950 MC413 MB952 MB953 MB417 MB418 MB419 MB420 Mc508 MC509 MC510 MC511

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